Baseball Scoresheets

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Weekly Scoresheet--my scorekeeping blog

The Baseball Scorecard--the premier site for scorekeeping on the web; you could even argue it makes my site unnecessary. Tons of downloadable scorecards

Christopher Swingley--A number of very professional scorecards available for download and a scoring tutorial

Project Scoresheet--David Cortesi's site detailing the Project Scoresheet method

Dan's Guide to Baseball Scoring--a good collection of links

Alex Reisner--inventor of the situational scoring method, now selling those as scorebooks, and free downloads of situational and Project Scoresheet-style scorecards

Baseball Almanac--has some downloads and instructions

The Joy of Keeping Score--Amazon link to Paul Dickson's book, a nice little book for those who are already scoring fans--it is not a full tutorial on how to score

Retrosheet--great group that collects old scoresheets to compile complete historical records